Aluminum Siding and Gutters


Caulking MJM offers aluminum gutters because they are more durable and cheaper and they are more resistant to corrosion and warping . We profile our customized gutters, on the spot with a final product 5 inch seamless in a variety of colors.


Gutter Clean

Solution for homes and commercial buildings that already have a gutter or new installations. With the Gutter Clean System , leaves and debris stay out of your gutters. If a leaf is deposited on the eavestrough protection , a simple breeze sweeps it away . A wind of 10 km/h effectively removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot while a wind of 37 km/h can drive about one inch ( 2.5 cm) needles per linear foot.

Drains tons of water and protects your investment!

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The Alu- Perf technology Gutter Clean System gutter covers, consisting of 312 holes every 12 inches (30.5 cm) , can drain 29,7 in ( 755 mm) of water per hour per linear foot , which is 3 times the amount of water fallen during important recorded precipitation. An independent test confirms gutter guard performance Gutter Clean System . The leaf guard Gutter Clean System gutters covers protect your home from water infiltration , damage to your landscaping , besides several other potential problems.

Protects against the accumulation of leaves and debris

• Eliminates periodic maintenance of gutters
• Prevents ice and snow from getting into the gutters
• Do not rust , does not flake
• Invisible from the ground
• Drains 3 times the amount of rain heavier precipitation
• Limit the proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile virus

We offer a great range of colors , allowing us to create perfect arrangements with the various existing siding ( brick, stone, aluminum, wood, vinyl, etc.).

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Aluminum Siding

Calfeutrage MJM offers many products for the exterior, your home, commercial building, new construction project or renovation while respecting your desires and your budget.

The advantages of aluminum coating siding

• The aluminum coating is a thin veneer , which requires little maintenance and do not rust.
• Lifetime to 40 years.
• Aluminum can be painted and can receive an anodized finish .
• Combustible , aluminum fire-resistant coatings ( aluminum does not burn and does not melt, compared to other coatings).

Everything to make the appearance of your home at its best. Contact us without hesitation for a free estimate .


Acrylic canopy or awning

To protect yourself from the rain or snow , awnings or also called Marquise , these small roofs acrylic and aluminum, are very useful. Moreover, several buildings and houses are fitted . They blend well with all doors and windows in your home or business with its contemporary style. It will protect people who enter and leave your home while being a decorative item for your home. Moreover the Marchioness also protect your concrete and prevent water infiltration that could damage the foundation of your home.