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Prevent West Nile Virus with “Gutter Clean”

A small mosquito is, at base, a harmless insect. The situation can change quickly if it is carrying the West Nile virus (WNV). WNV is from Uganda (Africa) and is found mainly in Quebec, in areas of the southwest of the province. The virus is transmitted by a single bite of an infected mosquito. However, it is not only the human being who is the target; various cases have also been reported in animals, including birds and horses.

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Caulking can prevent carpenter ants!

685-195x145You undoubtedly already heard of the devastation by carpenter ants. Small or large, black, brown or red, these small insects have been damaging our houses since decades in Quebec. Carpenter ants are attracted by materials made up of new wood or having been in contact with water from within several front years.

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