Concrete repairs

Our concrete repair services:


French Drain

The installation of a French drain is necessary and obligatory. The drain is located at the perimeter of the foundation, beside the sole under the concrete slab. Its main role is to clear the water pressure in the ground to prevent infiltration between the foundation wall and the sole. During the works, the drain coated with a geotextile fabric will be covered with a minimum of 8 inches of crushed stone.

If you find water infiltration in the basement, it is possible that your French drain is clogged or crushed or it was improperly installed. If this is your case, do not wait, because the damage will be even greater. High humidity in the foundation can lead to degradation of concrete and mold growth. Replacing or installing a French drain is often the ideal solution to fix the problem permanently.

Our team has the expertise to carry out the complete replacement of French drains, service entrances and installation of surface drains and storm water systems.


Repair of internal and external cracks

Several factors can cause cracking of concrete, including frost, the swelling of the soil, excessive drainage or just poor quality concrete. A chosen repair technique must be determined depending on the causes of cracking. Calfeutrage MJM professionals are well trained to identify the causes of the problem and thus offer an appropriate and permanent repair technique.

Minor cracks appear generally under windows, doors or at a drop of foundation. Generally located at the center of a foundation wall, it is likely to lead to water infiltration, air or insects.

This is why sealing techniques are required. The products used during these repairs must be flexible enough (unlike the epoxy resin) to avoid new cracks that appear in the near future. In this case, we propose the high-pressure injection of polyurethane resin designed for indoor concrete.

This injection resin is hydrophilic and subsequently reacts with water to form a gel or a flexible and expandable foam. The inert mixture forms a tight barrier against the infiltration of water and the latter is practically unaltered by the acids, the gas or the usual microorganisms found in the soil.

If you notice any visible cracks on the bottom of the windows of your foundation walls or signs of cracks in the basement, do not wait till the situation worsens. Call Calfeutrage MJM for fast and reliable service at good prices.

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