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Replacement of thermal pane windows.

Your window is no longer repairable, but the structure of your door or window is still in good condition? Calfeutrage MJM can help you out with its thermal pane window change solution.

Why change your Insulated glass unit (IGU)?

If your window is damaged, cracked, or in disrepair, we can help by changing any type of sealed unit (triple glass, heat shielded window, patio doors, Low-E Argon thermos, etc.), without changing the frame (if still in good condition).

It is possible to obtain a double insulated glass with argon energy R- 3 ratio. One of the inner surfaces of the glass is coated with a metallic coating that blocks infrared radiation, while the argon gas is more insulating than air.


What are the benefits?

  • Your property will have new windows which will increase its value.
  • It is an economic solution compared to the complete change of your windows (including the frame).
  • It is an easy, quick, economic, and guaranteed solution.


That is why we propose this solution if your thermos show signs of weakness while the shutters and the window frames remained in good condition.

Our rates begin at $89.99/window and vary depending on the type and the size of your windows.

Initial assessment and estimate are free!